The Nullarbor

Strava heatmap, Nullarbor

Strava heatmap of the trip

I love touring by bike.

A three-week tour to the Canadian Arctic in 2010 just whet the appetite and with a friend from that trip, we crossed the Nullarbor from Perth in August/September 2013, heading for Melbourne.

There’s some background on the Australian trip here and ride reports (roughly covering a week each) here:

* Part 1, Perth to Norseman: 680km, 4080 m vertical gain, 8 riding days, 3 rest days (to, from and around Kalgoorlie)

* Part 2, Norseman to Border Village: 728 km, 1961 m, 7 riding days, 1 rest day

* Part 3, Border Village to Ceduna: 484 km, 1187 m, 4 riding days

* Part 4, Ceduna to Adelaide: 628 km, 1774 m, 6 riding days

* Part 5, Adelaide-Apollo Bay:  804 km, 3431 m, 7 riding days

Edit: VeloViewer activity wheel (elevations etc)

Edit: Four ways to lighten your cycling load; my Nullarbor bike touring gear list (download)

Edit: A few of my favourite things (gear)

Edit: The very simple handlebar sling

Edit: Nullarbor cycling gear list [Excel 33 KB].

Let’s know if you have any questions. It’s a great trip and entirely doable with some planning, reasonable fitness and, of course, a bike.


Hyden-Norseman Road, Western Australia


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