Cycling the Nullarbor

Strava heatmap, Nullarbor

Strava heatmap of the trip

I love touring by bike. It’s slow enough to soak up the people and landscapes at a very human scale, but fast enough to make useful progress.

My first big bike trip from Vancouver to the Canadian Arctic in 2010 provided a glimpse of what’s possible and whet the appetite.

But I’d always been curious about the Nullarbor. Specifically, what’s out there? I had serious doubts it was ‘nothing’ as many suggested, but you don’t know for sure until you’ve been. Fortunately a friend from the Arctic trip was up for more adventure so we left Perth in August 2013 bound for Melbourne, some quiet dirt and sightseeing along the way.

This page links the ride reports and other Nullarbor posts. There’s some background on the Australian trip here and the ride reports below cover roughly a week each:

* Part 1, Perth to Norseman: 680km, 4080 m vertical gain, 8 riding days, 3 rest days (at Kalgoorlie and the exquisite Lake Ballard art of Antony Gormley, as above)

* Part 2, Norseman to Border Village: 728 km, 1961 m, 7 riding days, 1 rest day

* Part 3, Border Village to Ceduna: 484 km, 1187 m, 4 riding days

* Part 4, Ceduna to Adelaide: 628 km, 1774 m, 6 riding days

* Part 5, Adelaide-Apollo Bay:  804 km, 3431 m, 7 riding days

We loved it: just us, the weather, the characters, the road, the wildlife, the roadhouse bacon and eggs. The unrelenting, unimpeded wind not so much. No support trucks, no trackers.

And here’s a few related posts that might help if you’re heading out:

It’s a great trip and entirely doable with some planning, reasonable fitness and, of course, a bike.


Hyden-Norseman Road, Western Australia


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