It’s been a while …

Denali National Park

It’s been a while between posts. Instagram followers might have seen a few posts fromĀ  Alaska in July/August 2016 as I moseyed around solo. I had plans to write about that trip on return.

Unfortunately the trip home from Fairbanks was more meandering than planned, via an accident at LAX and a broken patella. I’d been keen to observe America up close ahead of their election but that was left field. Even with insurance and exposure to the US health care debate, it’s confronting to have a bean counter in Florida make health decisions.

So the anticipated flight home as a fit tourer became an ambulance trip and nearly four weeks in hospitals, followed by lengthy knee rehab, surgery and more rehab.

That whole story is yet to be written – I still don’t know how it ends – but I’m finally back at the blog keyboard. That’s been spurred by a comment from Patricia Hall (the mum of late bikepacker Mike Hall) on the anniversary of his 2017 death near Canberra, saying she found support in the cycling community’s love for Mike. I filmed part of Melbourne’s tribute ride for Mike last year; the video will be up soon.

Thanks for your patience.