And the crowd went ooohhhh ….

Is there anything more fun than riding cyclocross? Besides watching cyclocross?

Dirty Deeds CX recaptured the fun of earlier days with its Rapha Supercross round at Brunswick velodrome on August 26.

The kids set the standard with both face paint and costumes, followed by ‘any bikes’ and the B grade men who chopped up the course nicely.

The women’s race (we’re loving this, thanks DDCX) was waved off by local councillor  Oscar Yildiz and dominated by the very fast Mel Anset. Gotta love a rider who calls ‘hop on’ as she laps you! Continue reading

Big bunch tries the crit circuit

Casey Fields crit circuit skills session

Women do want more from their cycling, based on the big crowd that turned up for Southern Masters’ Cycling Club’s ‘come and try’ day today.

Nearly 40 women took to the Casey Fields criterium circuit after the club’s Sunday morning racing, enjoying the sunshine and tips from ex-pro Rebecca McConnell before stretching the legs.

The group included trackies and roadies as well as some of SMCC’s regulars, plus some just keen to pick up extra skills. Nice work everyone! 

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Women’s ‘come and try’ at Southern Masters

Southern Masters Cycling Club women's come and try daySouthern Masters Cycling Club is running a women’s ‘come and try’ day at the Casey Fields criterium circuit on Sunday 2 September.

It’s open to women 15 years and older and former pro Rebecca McConnell will be running the skills session. Skilling up and finding other women to ride with is always fun, whether you want to race or not. Plus there’s the promise of food!

Things kick off at 10.30 am but there’s more info at the SMCC  website.Southern Masters women's come and try day 2012

Southern Masters has an excellent reputation for helping people get into racing with members happy to show newbies the ropes, and grades A-G.

The website also has lots of tips for new racers of any age or gender. Enjoy.

What makes a great cx course?

What makes a great cyclocross course? It probably varies with the rider as much as the designer’s intent and constraints.

So far, the national cyclocross series has delivered four courses from three promoters. For those curious, here’s the Garmin/Strava mapping …

NCXS round 1 Port Melbourne

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rAdelaide cross

Adelaide triumphed with rounds 3 and 4 of the inaugural Champion System SRAM National Cyclocross Series on the weekend.

Perfect weather, great courses in urban parklands, interstate support, funny commentary and a few cowbells made for a great couple of days.

First we had the news that track star Anna Meares wants to try ‘cross as she takes some time off the (track) bike. Awesome.

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Hell yeah!

I want to have a go at cyclocross.

Great to hear from any rider. Even better when it’s Olympic sprint queen Anna Meares! Here’s the ABC interview. Won’t be a problem finding a skinsuit.

The feeling among women at the national cyclocross rounds in rAdelaide: awesome.

Dirty Deeds done

Melbourne’s second round of the Champion System SRAM 2012 National Cyclocross Series is done and dusted, with the Dirty Deeds Cx round at Darebin today.

A flowing course, good organisation and plenty of noise at the mudpit made for a fun afternoon. 

DDCX 2012

A kiss for Round 2 national series women’s elite winner Lisa Jacobs. She’s fast! Podium boy, yeah?

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Big guns come out to play

The excitement has been palpable all week, and Australia’s first national cyclocross race today didn’t disappoint as the big guns came out to play.

Round 1 of the Champion System SRAM 2012 National Cyclocross Series was held at the Melbourne International Karting Complex in Port Melbourne.

Run as the first of the 2012 Specialized Cross Melburn series, warm-up sessions during marshalling worked well as the kids, open, C and B grade, and elite races for men and women were run and won.

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More language matters

Cyclists have been a hot topic for Melbourne talkback radio and online news sites for a few years, as they mine driver angst about the new invaders on ‘their’ roads. A good anti-cyclist rant can produce over 300 comments in hours.

It’s been a rich vein for a few comedians as well. Magda Szubanski and Julia Morris thought inciting violence towards cyclists hilarious on Ten’s Good News Week.

Unfortunately, these indulgent little rants come with real consequences as they validate aggression and inflame a minority of drivers, ironically proving the case for legal protection of cyclists, tougher licensing of drivers and a major public education effort.

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