Part 4 – Adelaide in sight

From Ceduna to Adelaide you have two choices – the Eyre Highway through industrial Port Augusta, or the quieter Eyre Peninsula and ferry to Wallaroo.

We took the later and enjoyed the farmland, coastal towns, seafood and light traffic. The wind, not so much.

First stop was Streaky Bay, and from there we headed to Elliston via Murphy’s Haystacks.

Murphy's haystacks

Turning inland we left behind the coastal dunes for sheep country – rocky paddocks, dry stone walls, emus, roos and clever spiders. 🙂

Early morning on the Eyre peninsula

Early morning on the Eyre peninsula

In the 92 km to Lock pub for lunch, we met eight cars. Heaven. It was a comfortable 168 km day to Cleve, thanks to mild temperature and absolutely no wind; what a difference.

The following morning was tougher – only 58 km but hot with ugly cross winds. We had a quick lunch in Cowell then headed for the ferry at Lucky Bay.

Wind at the ferry

Wind at the ferry

The ferry was relaxing and we rolled into a cabin at the foreshore caravan park, happy that we were close to Adelaide.

WallarooThe next day dawned wet after a wild night so we delayed a start but it didn’t help much. After 65 km with strong wind, little shoulder, 110 km/h traffic, persistent drizzle and a close call with trucks we decided to call it a day at Port Wakefield. We warmed up and killed time watching rain stream down the windows at a BP servo. All glamour.

There was no accommodation in Port Wakefield due to a huge funeral but we asked the lovely ladies at a community craft shop if we could shelter from the wind at the sports ground. One suggested the rear of a church instead and unlocked the toilet for us. Only in the country. Thank you ladies!

Dinner at Port Wakefield Hotel was excellent, but it was one of the two windiest nights we had. We got little sleep and I was astonished the tent survived.

We rode towards Adelaide on Port Wakefield Road (increasingly industrial and I don’t like the rumble strips) and took some quick photos in the CBD, so it was fantastic to achieve this goal. We had planned a rest day in Adelaide but having lost time to the weather we pushed on to the excellent campground at Belair National Park.



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