Descending like a Wiggins

Weather like this year’s Giro always makes me think the pros like Sir Bradley Wiggins don’t get paid enough. I’d love to ride the Giro route – don’t get me wrong – especially with a team car carrying warm gear and food. But racing? No thanks, even if I could. The joy of hills remains the climbing for me, not descending.

I do understand how the mighty Brad feels about cautious descending though. It describes me a tee since an OTB as a kid, literally chasing a rainbow down a hill. My knee (and my confidence) still bears the scar.

But I see blokes on forums asking their peers ‘which of you girls doesn’t ride in winter?’ as they admit that they – the guys – didn’t commute due to poor weather. And now we cop it from knights of the realm, as Wiggins described his troubled descent on stage seven of the Giro 2013 as ‘descending like a bit of girl’ in his post-race interview. He added the the qualifier that he doesn’t want to disrespect women and he ‘has one at home’ but I’m sorry Brad, that doesn’t quite cut it for me. If anyone has vision of the day he tells Marianne Vos or Katie Compton or Anna Meares that they can’t handle a bike, let me know!

So from now on, I’m descending like a Wiggins. No disrespect, you understand Brad. 😉


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