And the crowd went ooohhhh ….

Is there anything more fun than riding cyclocross? Besides watching cyclocross?

Dirty Deeds CX recaptured the fun of earlier days with its Rapha Supercross round at Brunswick velodrome on August 26.

The kids set the standard with both face paint and costumes, followed by ‘any bikes’ and the B grade men who chopped up the course nicely.

The women’s race (we’re loving this, thanks DDCX) was waved off by local councillor  Oscar Yildiz and dominated by the very fast Mel Anset. Gotta love a rider who calls ‘hop on’ as she laps you!

By the time the A grade men had warmed up, so had the crowd around the velodrome and the vicious little off-camber climb that had claimed scalps all day long. More laughs for riders and crowd, some world class heckling and great displays of strength and skills. And some spectacular stacks.

The A grade men were quick but also had some of the best face paint and outfits, and everyone had a sense of humour. Local fave Lewis Rattray topped the men’s podium.

Special mentions for the non-vegan cow, the Rapha koala who rode every race and found a beer in most of them, the shark, clown and various supermen (green mullet ftw), everyone with noise-makers, the iride crew’s teamwork (tossing a teammate’s bike back down the hill), everyone who popped a wheelie on request or a grin in response and some generous sponsors. And how fast are those beards!


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