The hell of the North(cote)

Melburn Roobaix reconfirmed its place on the cycling calendar yesterday with more than 2000 riders taking to the streets, paths, lanes and drains. 

Inspired by the famous Paris-Roubaix pro race, the local version is a whole lot more relaxed – 40 km in six hours, a dozen sectors of cobbled laneways paying homage to the original and a non-UCI finish at the Roubaix Roobaix (Brunswick) velodrome.

A lump of pave takes the winner (randomly drawn) to Paris for the real thing, but the finish here is about food, drink, laughs, friends, bikes and the crowd votes on cutest couple and most awesome foursome, plus muddiest rider and best bike under $200. 

It’s hard to pinpoint a single thing that makes Melburn Roobaix so much fun – the cobbles, heckling on The Koppenberg, the tribes, the costumes, the wildly inappropriate bikes (kudos to the unicyclists yet again) or just a day on the bike. Perhaps it’s all those things, or how you mix it to suit, like the residents enjoying their entertaining laneways for the day.

Til next year – thank you Fyxo, thank you vollies …

1 thought on “The hell of the North(cote)

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