Signs of the ‘cross …

Did you hear the one about the chick who walks into a bike shop and asks about new season’s ‘cross bikes? And doesn’t get asked, ‘You mean a hybrid?’

True story. Passing a LBS today, I dropped in to see if I’m missing anything in terms of little cx bikes. And there was an LBS-guy who knew about cross, that their brands don’t come small enough, and that other women have had the same issue. Impressive. 

CX is a new category for Aussie bike shops, and as with road we can only hope the big brands might add a smaller size to the range every couple of years. DDCX 2012 datesIt just doesn’t help those of us who missed out on the tall genes. Giant plans to have one in the 2013 range but I haven’t seen the geometry yet. 

Around 25 per cent of the B grade women at the Coburg round of Dirty Deeds last year were on petite custom frames or custom builds.  

This LBS excitement is the fourth sign this week that cross has really arrived down under.

First, portable barriers appeared in the park on Monday as part of someone’s sekrit training. And no, I’m not saying who.

Second, ‘see you Friday’ clearly means the DDCX prologue without explanation. Under lights. At Brunswick. Two more sleeps …

And third, news from Cyclocross Magazine that Katie Compton will start her season in NZ. That’s practically interstate!


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